IBM i (i5/iSeries/AS400) Training Courses

FormaServe employ a team of PC & IBM Certified Professionals, this means we can offer high quality training courses & consultants to suit your every requirement.
Our trainers & consultants are one team, ensuring that both stay up to date, & our courses revolve around real-world experience.
We are a leading provider of IBM i (i5, iSeries & AS400) development, education & consultancy.
We are dedicated to providing innovative & useful products & training for the IBM i.
Unlike other training providers, we never cancel a course through lack of students, even if you are the only one on the course.
Our mission is to aid you & your staff to take advantage of new & existing technologies & become more productive in your everyday work.
We offer a broad range of courses relating to operations, programming & technical support.
Each class consists of presentation & hands-on exercises that help to reinforce the concepts.
All class presentations & workshop materials are developed based on our methodology of instruction by example.


We can provide customised courses for companies. Furthermore our instructor's knowledge is not limited to what's in the book; this allows a flexible approach with instructors answering related questions outside the course content.
We offer bespoke courses at clients sites; this is usually the most popular & cheaper option.
We also advise one-to-one training tailored to individuals & offered at a time & place to suit you. This offers great value.
We have IBM i training solutions tailored for individuals, businesses & enterprise.
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Our Training Courses

If you are interested in something beyond what is listed here, please call us, we are always adding new courses!
Please Note! Our courses are being updated at present - please get in contact, we will be in touch!
Code Category Description Duration (Days) Cost Per Student
iSWs03 Programming Rational Development Tools (RDi) 1 £450
iSCl01 Programming CL Programming 1 £450
iSCl02 Programming CL Programming - Advanced 2 £850
iSDe01 Programming Developing On the IBM i 5 £2,000
iSDb01 Database DB2 for i - Advanced Database 2 £895
iSLe01 Programming Integrated Language Environment (ILE) 2 £895
iSMg01 Management IBM i Management Overview 2 £895
iSSo01 Programming IBM i Operations 3 £1,395
iSSo02 Programming IBM i Advanced Operations 3 £1,495
iSDb02 Database Programming & Supporting DB2 for i 2 £895
iSPh01 Programming PHP & Zend Administration on the IBM i 1 £500
iSPh02 Programming PHP For IBM i Programmers 5 £2,000
iSRg08 Programming RPG Free Format 1 £425
iSRg08 Programming RPG & Programming 5 £2,000
iSRg07 Programming RPG Refresher & New Advances 3 £1,395
iSRg05 Programming RPG Using Embedded SQL 2 £850
iSDb03 Database Using Temporal Tables On DB2 for i 1 £400
iSWs03 Programming Creating/Using Webservices on IBM i 2 £895
iSOs01 Open Source Using/Developing Open Source On IBM i 1 £400
iSOs02 Open Source Using/Developing Open Source On IBM i - Advanced 2 £895
iSOs03 Open Source Using Open Source Databases On IBM i - Advanced 1 £425
Code Category Description Duration (Days) Cost Per Student

Student Feedback

"Andy has good knowledge on the subject matter & the course is presented in a clear & easy to understand way. Thank you. Very good supporting docs"

L.A. Chaucer Insurance

"Interesting & informative course, content & good relaxed atmosphere"

K.C. Royal Bank of Scotland

"Excellent all round. This was exactly what I was looking for."

R.G. Nationwide Building Society

"Really enjoyed the course, helpful & friendly!"

J.L. Paragon Finance

"Excellent course - Lots for me to take away & apply to my own environment."

C.C. Lloyds TSB

"Excellent course content & pace. Has answered a lot of questions for me."

J.J. Arjo Huntleigh

"Excellent training, easy to understand & appropriate for my work. Excellent all round & covered more that the course schedule."

D.M. British Car Auctions

"Relaxed course, very informative, instructor very approachable"

G.S. Cigna Healthcare

"Thank you for a most enjoyable course. Nothing but praise for the content facilities & Andys knowledge & patience. Thanks."